Chris Jacobs CSNUt Spiritual & Psychic Medium Tutor & Author
 Chris Jacobs CSNUtSpiritual & Psychic MediumTutor & Author   

Private 1 to 1 Readings

I offer worldwide private readings online via Zoom, Skype or Messenger. This type of reading is as effective as a face to face 1 to 1 reading. Please see below for details.


I work with the spirit world as a channel and aim to communicate with your loved ones and friends who have passed over to spirit, bringing you evidence of survival after death as well as messages of love, upliftment and support. Your loved ones will aim to give you words of comfort and you may also receive advice about situations and issues that you’re currently facing. The important thing to remember with any reading is that you approach it with an open mind and heart.


Any information that arises during a consultation will be treated with utter confidentiality. All clients are treated in a positive, caring and professional manner with the aim of ensuring a comforting and empowering experience.


A One to One consultation lasts for 30 minutes and costs £45.*


* International Clients (I am based in the UK) - A small additional fee will be added to cover the bank charges and handling fees I incur.  


Group Readings


If you wish to host a group gathering for friends at your home or venue of choice, I would be happy to give individual readings to you and your guests. A minimum of 6 guests are required (maximum 10 guests)


Cost: £30 per person


Please email or call me to book this enjoyable experience with spirit.

Evenings of Mediumship and Services

I regularly hold demonstrations of mediumship at Spiritual Churches and Centres in the UK. If you would like me to serve your Church or Centre please don't hesitate to contact me.

Spiritual Development Workshops and Retreats

I'm running various workshops and retreats throughout this year, which will be held at a location just outside Stamford, Lincolnshire. For further details please look under the Workshops/Retreats header and under my events page.


If you would like me to hold a workshop in your area or at your centre or church, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss further details.

Spiritual Development Groups

I run spiritual development groups on a regular basis for beginners as well as more experienced students. I will endeavour to give you the foundations on which to build your confidence as well as strengthen your connection with spirit and advance your mediumship. The groups of maximum 12 students are held in 5 week blocks at a cost of £50. They are held at a location just outside Stamford, Lincolnshire. These groups will be ongoing.


If you are interested in joining one of my groups, please contact me by phone or by using the contact form.

DISCLAIMER ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF THE LAND: Readings are a form of experiment, no claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. Readings are not fortune telling, the aim is to try and give evidence of survival, which may include a glimpse from spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time. Any life choices you make must be your own, as only you can choose your life's path. I would advise you not to book a sitting if you are aware of any medical or psychiatric condition, which may affect your interpretation of the sitting.

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